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6 Jan 2012 | 7 Comments | 9,335 views
Nikon Announce the D4!

2012 is shaping up to be an exciting year in the world of professional photography, with the announcement of the much anticipated Nikon D4 this morning. We were lucky enough to get a pre-launch preview of Nikon’s brand new flagship Digital SLR Camera.

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8 Nov 2011 | One Comment | 2,644 views
Wex proudly supports Olympic hopeful Nicky Hunt

We are delighted to announce that we’ve teamed up with Nikon UK to sponsor local athlete and Olympics archery hopeful Nicky Hunt. Together, wex photographic and Nikon UK have supplied Nicky with an optical scope worthy of a World Champion!

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20 Oct 2011 | 6 Comments | 7,492 views
Hands-on review of the Nikon 1 J1

On the 21st September 2011, Nikon launched their first range of mirror-less Interchangeable Lens Cameras (ILC), the Nikon 1 series, which include the Nikon J1 and the Nikon V1.

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22 Sep 2011 | 6 Comments | 4,951 views
Nikon announce the J1 and V1!

After the introduction of the first mirrorless Interchangeable lens camera (ILC) in 2008, its popularity has increased immensely in the photographic market. On Wednesday 21stSeptember 2011, Nikon launched its own range of mirrorless interchangeable lens cameras – The Nikon 1 V1 and Nikon 1 J1!

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26 Aug 2011 | One Comment | 3,675 views
Nikon Release 7 New Digital Cameras!

This week Nikon have announced their latest range of compact cameras. While some are new and improved updates on popular previous models (such as the P7100), some are brand new – like Nikon’s first ever rugged camera: the AW100 which will be available in a fantastic camouflage finish, perfect for the great outdoors!

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12 Jul 2011 | One Comment | 4,819 views
Nikon announce 40mm f2.8 G Micro Lens!

Today Nikon announced the latest addition to their lens line-up, the DX-format Nikkor 40mm f/2.8 G. This micro lens boasts a true 1:1 reproduction ratio, minimum focusing distance of 0.163m (from focal plain) as well as the large maximum aperture of f2.8, making it a promising Macro lens.

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6 Jul 2011 | 16 Comments | 22,147 views
The lens most travelled: Tamron 18-270mm Review

So is it the perfect travel lens? It certainly crams in all you’d normally need – with some icing on top as it has more than excellent reach – 300mm equivalent used to be ‘long’ so the 405mm the Tamron offers is a very useful bonus.

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28 Apr 2011 | 6 Comments | 20,827 views
Tips for Getting Started as a Wedding Photographer

Wedding photography is big business these days. Thatʼs why so many wishing to earn a living as a photographer (either part or full-time) want to become a wedding photographer. However, wedding photography is not all about taking some images on a day. Itʼs more work than most people realise and before they know it, it is too late! Here are my top tips to help you get started…

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8 Apr 2011 | 14 Comments | 24,324 views
Nikon D7000 Review

It may be small, but the D7000 packs a very powerful punch and as I write this, pretty much stands as the best DX DSLR to roll out of the Nikon factory to date. Despite the size and lower spec, I’ve found it actually compliments the mighty D3s (yes, really) as a second body quite well and I’ve enjoyed shooting with it not only at home in the UK but as far afield as the freezing valleys of Yellowstone National Park in winter.

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5 Apr 2011 | 4 Comments | 10,089 views
New Nikon D5100 Digital SLR

It’s been almost two years since the Nikon D5000 was launched, and today its replacement arrives – the new Nikon D5100. The latest in Nikon’s consumer range of DSLR cameras, the D5100 has the same sensor as used in the D7000 and has also retained the tilt-and-swivel LCD screen from its predecessor. It is a lightweight camera packed with some great features.