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8 Aug 2013 | 4 Comments | 10,660 views
Lowepro Transit Sling 250 AW review

The new Lowepro Sling 250 AW is designed to take a DSLR body with one or two lenses and a flashgun, or alternatively a Compact System camera with a selection of lenses. Tim Gander takes it out for a test.

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6 Mar 2013 | 20 Comments | 29,284 views
Top 10 picks from Focus on Imaging

This week I took the annual trip to Birmingham to have a sneak peek at all the manufacturers have to offer at the UK’s largest Photography Show – Focus on Imaging. Here’s a round up of some of my favourites, in no particular order…

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19 Jul 2012 | One Comment | 4,551 views
Wex Staff Recommend: Favourite Gear for Travel Photography

I thought it’d be fun to ask some of the other photography fanatics around the office to share what their essential accessories for holiday photography are. Here’s what we love…

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10 May 2012 | One Comment | 4,714 views
An interview with sports photographer Geoff Waugh

Geoff Waugh is a multi-award winning sports photographer who specialises in cyclesport of all disciplines. When he’s not in shooting a road bike race from a muddy Belgian ditch he can be found up a mountain photographing downhill bikers or at a velodrome with the track racers.

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13 Dec 2011 | 2 Comments | 15,459 views
Lowepro DSLR Video Fastpack 150 AW Review

Lowepro have recently extended their hugely popular range of bags by introducing a new line of backpacks designed specifically for DSLR videographers and based on their award winning Fastpack series.

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7 Nov 2011 | 3 Comments | 10,339 views
Lowepro Scope Porter 200 AW Backpack Review

When I heard that Lowepro were adding a range of optics bags that included a backpack specifically designed to give wildlife watchers a “hands-free, protective and supportive way to carry a large spotting scope and tripod in the field”, I was immediately interested.

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26 Aug 2011 | One Comment | 10,749 views
Lowepro Pro Runner 200 AW Review

For me, it’s all about size and convenience, which is where the Lowepro Pro Runner 200 AW fits in perfectly. Whilst appearing small from the outside, unzip the Pro Runner 200AW and you have your very own personalised Tardis.

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27 Jul 2011 | No Comment | 6,953 views
Lowepro Field Station Waist Bag Review

Photographers probably already know about Lowepro, who produce a large range of quality camera bags. Well, they have now also added an optics range of bags designed for those who mostly use binoculars or spotting scopes and I recently got the chance to test their Field Station, a belt-pack designed to give you a hands-free and comfortable way to carry your binoculars and other birding gear.

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14 Jun 2011 | 12 Comments | 22,678 views
The New Lowepro S&F Series

In today’s photographic environment where photographers may have to carry a range of camera, video and computer gear and turn their hand to more than just taking pictures, a modular system that can be adapted on a shoot by shoot basis makes perfect sense, so it’s no surprise that Lowepro have revamped their Street and Field gear in the form of the new S&F Series.

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14 Apr 2011 | 5 Comments | 11,929 views
A SlingShot in the park

Once upon a time if you wanted a camera bag you had to choose which type suited you best; a rucksack or a shoulder bag? Then, sling-bags came along that offered the benefits of both. With less than a week until I was due to take my children to Disneyland Paris, I still hadn’t sorted out how I was going to carry my camera gear. Then, as if conjured up by magic, an email arrived in my inbox asking if I’d review the Lowepro SlingShot 302 AW. Eureka!