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January WEX Gallery Photography Competition

We saw an outstanding reponse to the first WEX Gallery competition of 2011 and we’re pleased to report that we received the highest level of entries in the history of the comp!

With such a high standard of images submitted this month, it was by far one of the most difficult we’ve had to judge. Here are the winning photos for January 2011…


Snowscene near Lambourne, Berkshire by appysnappy

The judge, Tony Pick, commented: “The image is beautifully composed and was my clear favourite.  It is a fantastic image and one that I would’ve been very proud to have taken myself.  It made me smile and that is always a perfect response to an image!  It’s all about, right place, right time and this image proves that very successfully.”


Tree in a field at sunset by Albinoni

From the judges: “Brilliant use of light. Really shows off the winters light at its best. Amazing skies. I know very well how long he/she must have stood in the same place to get the sun in exactly the right place. Breathtaking.”


Lonely Tree by Dreamcatcher

“Tremendously simple and a very brave image to have entered.  I can see this as a print on the wall of a very contemporary interior or in the offices of a smart city office.  Goes to show that sometimes ‘less is more’ “

Highly Commended

Waiting for the Light by Phil Cooling

From the judges: “This shot had an ethereal quality about it that made it simply gorgeous! It narrowly missed out on being in the top three, so we have awarded this with ‘Highly Commended’.”

Congratulations to all the winners!

February’s competition theme is ‘The East’, to find out more and to enter visit the WEX Gallery

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4 thoughts on “January WEX Gallery Photography Competition

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  2. Such a shame that so many submitted photos were never even included in the competition/gallery (mine to mention but 3). I think it’s time we all went back to other cheaper photographic suppliers if this is the way Wex Photographic treats their customers!

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