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Read digital camera reviews including in-depth field tests and side by side comparisons. Find reviews on Canon, Nikon, Fuji, Olympus and more top brand digital cameras!

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14 Nov 2014 | One Comment | 5,505 views
Fuji X30 Review

Announced as a replacement to the X20, the Fuji X30 sits in the X range as a compact camera designed to meet a wide variety of needs. Amy Davies sees how well it meets these in her full review.

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4 Feb 2014 | No Comment | 7,732 views
Fuji XQ1 review

The Fuji XQ1 delivers a raft of enthusiast specs inside a pocket-friendly body. Josie Reavely finds out if its performance is just as impressive in her Fuji XQ1 review.

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5 Dec 2013 | 5 Comments | 11,375 views
Nikon P7800 review

The Nikon Coolpix P7700 had a bright lens, plenty of manual control and excellent image quality to recommend it, and with the P7800 things only get better. Josie Reavely takes a closer look in her Nikon P7800 review.

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26 Nov 2013 | 6 Comments | 15,099 views
Sony RX100 II review

The pocketable Sony RX100 has widely been touted as one of the best compact cameras around, so there is much to be excited about with its upgrade, the equally compact RX100 II. Tim Coleman investigates what the new model has to offer in his full review.

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2 Aug 2013 | 4 Comments | 18,251 views
Superzoom compact shootout

Superzoom compacts have become incredibly sophisticated over the last few compact generations, to the point where their expansive focal ranges are just one of a number of headline features. We see how the Panasonic TZ40, Sony HX50, Nikon S9500 and Canon SX280 HS stack up against each other.

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8 Jul 2013 | 25 Comments | 37,847 views
Fuji X20 Review

If the Fuji X10 was a flawed genius, the X20 is a lot more genius than flaw. The introduction of the X10 was a brilliant move by Fujifilm and the X20 is proof that the company looked at photographers’ reactions to it and took them on board.

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19 Jun 2013 | 5 Comments | 15,637 views
Fujifilm X100S Review

For my mind, Fujifilm is once again raising the bar with this camera. Not only is it technically well grounded, but it produces amazing images. And you know what? It’s fun to use. It’s a feel-good camera.

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24 May 2013 | 5 Comments | 32,133 views
Tough Camera Comparison Review

At Wex we do things properly. We didn’t test these cameras in some grey office block. No, we took them all canyoning in the Lake District to try them out properly in the sort of environment that they’re designed for. So seven tough testers for seven tough cameras and four hours of freezing cold canyonography with our specialist guide…

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22 Apr 2013 | 3 Comments | 8,150 views
Panasonic Lumix GH3 Review

The GH3 isn’t small, at all. It is built to be handled, held and used. It’s for people who want a bigger, more stable platform, especially for larger lenses and adds a bucket load of video on top. This flagship is Pro grade and no nonsense pushing Lumix higher up the market than ever before.

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26 Feb 2013 | One Comment | 12,439 views
Fuji X10 Review

The genius of the X10 is the mechanical zoom. With electronically-controlled zoom, the lens tends to lurch about from one focal length to another, where the X10 glides smoothly. The lens is impressive with its f2 aperture, even if that’s not its optimum setting. The fact it holds to f2.8 as you zoom to the telephoto end is startlingly good in a camera of this class.