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19 Dec 2014 | No Comment | 95 views
How to Photograph Architecture [video]

Architecture is all around us but how exactly do you go about photographing it? Matt shares a few tips in this video guide.

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16 Dec 2014 | No Comment | 454 views
How to Shoot Panoramic Images

Creating a panoramic image is a fantastic opportunity to capture stunning wide-angle vistas. Kirk Norbury explains how to photograph and edit to best effect.

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13 Dec 2014 | No Comment | 367 views
How to Take Black and White Photos [video]

Keen to enhance your black and white photography? Amy explains how to take great B&W shots, exploring camera settings, lighting, subject choice, filters, processing and more.

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10 Dec 2014 | No Comment | 854 views
What is… an anti-aliasing filter?

Anti-aliasing – or ‘low-pass’ – filters have long featured in digital cameras, but many recent models eschew these completely. Matt Golowczynski explains what they do and their pros and cons.

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5 Dec 2014 | No Comment | 618 views
How to Take Your Best Macro Photographs Yet [video]

Want to learn how to take pin-sharp macro images? In this video we take you through the process step by step, from using the right equipment and technique through to the finished result.

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12 Nov 2014 | One Comment | 1,370 views
8 Adobe Lightroom Power Secrets

Want to get more from Lightroom without having to do an evening class on it? Geoff Harris reveals some power tips and hidden time savers.

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11 Nov 2014 | No Comment | 1,190 views
What is… inner focus?

Inner focus, or internal focus, may sound like a gimmick but it presents the photographer with a wealth of advantages over more conventional optics. Matt Golowczynski explains why.

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4 Nov 2014 | No Comment | 1,021 views
What is… bracketing?

Bracketing is a useful way to get the shot you want in camera, without recourse to editing in software. Matt Golowczynski explains the principle and when you should activate it on your camera.

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1 Nov 2014 | No Comment | 1,397 views
A Guide To Intentional Camera Movement Photography

Most images require the camera to be still but you can capture something completely different by deliberately moving it during the exposure. Kirk Norbury explains all you need to know about Intentional Camera Movement photography.

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31 Oct 2014 | No Comment | 2,647 views
What is… AE Lock and AF Lock?

What do the AE-L and AF-L controls do on your DSLR? In this article, we explain the Auto Exposure Lock and Auto Focus Lock and how to use them.